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Mt. Etna

overcast 22 °C

Today we toured Mt Etna. There were many crater's (the picture below shows one). Mt. Etna is the largest and most active volcano in Europe. You could see the smoke down below, but they wouldn't let you get up close.


Boy is Troy strong!


Before the volcano, we stopped at a local store that sold honey and olive oil. For lunch we ate at a winery on the volcano. Below is a picture of the wines we tasted today at the winery.


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Pistachio Festival

October 7

sunny 25 °C

Today's event was to head over to Bronte to the pistachio festival.


All we knew was that there was a festival, but we didn't know where exactly. So we pointed the Garmin to the city center. Had a very nice drive and you could see the top of the volcano smoking as we drove around it's base. We got to Bronte and started following other cars to find parking. The streets were very narrow and at one point we got so stuck we didn't know if we could get out. On top of the very narrow roads it was very hilly and we have a manual transmission. After we got out of the tight spot and started driving looking for parking, we stopped and saw someone wave us over by a gated area. We could tell she was asking us if we needed to park. We said yes and she opened the gate and let us in. We got a parking spot right by the festival and didn't have to pay anything. The festival was a street festival and all the food had pistachios in it. We had rice balls filled with a pistachio filling, a cannoli with pistachio (shown below), pistachio galato (also shown below) and brittle made with pistachios. I think we were the only tourists at the festival. No one spoke English, but everyone was very friendly and we didn't have any issues. Afterwards we came home and had appetizers and hung out.


Tomorrow we visit the volcano Etna.

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In Sicily

sunny 25 °C

Made it to Sicily with no flight issues. Had a great driver to O'Hare the drive went very fast. The Amsterdam fight went smooth, however, I didn't sleep as long as I would have liked. Took a couple naps on the flight to Rome and again on our way to Catainia. Found our house with little issue. Decided to have appitisers on the balcony (great view, see picture), but then the bugs came out. Got take away pizza at a local restaurant and ate inside. Not sure yet what is on tomorrow's itinerary. Not too tired yet, but need to make sure I go to bed early so I don't have issues with the time change.


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Well I am Off

overcast 10 °C

Sitting here waiting for the GO van to pick me up and take me to the airport. Long day ahead of me. Wasn't able to check in online so hopefully I can get a seat assignment near Troy when I get to the airport and check in.

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