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rain 21 °C

Today is our last day in Sicily. We will headed out of our house around 10 am and then off to Cefalu to see the beautiful beaches. By the time we got there it was raining. So much for the beach. They did look quite nice from the car :-). We went searching for a specific restaurant for lunch and ended up on a very small street with the car. At one point I wasn't sure if we should be there with a car because the street was so small, but there were cars parked everywhere. We found the restaurant but there was no good place to park so we headed out to a wider street with parking, grabbed our umbrellas and walked back. When we got there we found the restaurant was not open, but there was another restaurant across the street so we went there and had a fantastic lunch at the Nior Gato (black cat). After lunch we walked to and through the cathedral.

Since it was raining, we headed back to Catania where we have reserved a hotel room by the airport as we have a 7 am flight tomorrow morning.

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Valle die Templi

storm 19 °C

Today we took the 2 1/2 hour drive over to a town called Agrigento to see the Vally of the temples. It is a very large park with a lot of Greek structures. Some were still intact, but many were in rubles. The picture is of the Temple of Hara.


There was a very nice park area that we started to walk around, but noticed that it was getting very dark out and it started to thunder and lightning. Since we didn't have an umbrella we thought we should leave. We started walking out and it started to rain very heavy. We got to the car and started the drive back. It was raining so hard we couldn't see. So much for lunch in Agrigento.

We got home and warmed up and had some snacks. We then headed back up to Taormina for dinner. We had such a great experience at L'Ilcontro I am almost glad we missed lunch in Agrigento.

Insalata di Mare

Fish dish

Sicilian Cake & Baked Apple

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sunny 27 °C

Today we stayed in town and headed up via the tram. We walked first to a park that was once the home to Florence Trevelyan who was invited to leave Britain after having an affair with the future King Edward VII. Beautiful views! From there we walked to the Main Street to have Gelato and look at the many shops. We then stopped off for lunch and ended up at a pizzarea. I had a very tasty calzone. We then walked over to the Greek Theater. Beautiful views of the sea and Mt. Etna. From there we headed back down to Mazzaro where we are staying, but before heading back to our house we decided to walk to Isola Bella which is an islet off the beach. Sicily's beaches are not beautiful white sand but whit rock. We walked over a small inlet to the island and it was a very painful experience! The rocks just killed our feet!!!

We then headed home for a little seiseta before dinner. Tonight we plan to actually go out for dinner. We had been walking over to Castelluccio for take out pizza. Very friendly owners. Tonight the plan is to walk down the stairs by our house to il Barcaiolo for seafood. Had many different dishes including the mussels shown below along with the Sicilian Cake also shown.


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Cooking with Elenora

sunny 26 °C

Today we went to the market in Catainia and then to our cooking class. The market was crazy. I never saw so much fresh fish in one place. In addition they had a lot of fresh veggies and fruit as well as meat and pastries.


We then stopped in the square.

After Catainia we went to Elenoria Consoli's house for a cooking class. Elenora is a famous Sicilian cook and author and has travelled all over the world. We learned to make many different types of pasta out of the same dough. We also had breaded veal, potatoes and tomatoes. Here is a link about Eleonora http://www.sicily-hotels.com/cucina_del_sole/eleonora.htm.

After our cooking class we went back to our house and then walked on the beach.

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The Tour of 4 Cities

semi-overcast 22 °C

Today we headed off to the southeast of Sicily. Our first stop was Ragusa Ilba. The new town wasn't much to look at we saw a farmer's market, but there was no place to park so we got frustrated and left the town. As we were driving out, we looked over and saw the old town (picture below). That is what we came to see!


Next stop was Modica for chocolate. The Garmin got a little confused so we had a tour of a little more of the city than expected. Amazing how small the streets are! When we got near the chocolate shop we found parking and walked the rest of the way. Cute little shop with good chocolate. We also had some cannoli's and bought their special pastry with meat and chocolate. Nothing like having desert first.

Next we headed over to Noto for lunch and to tour the town. This was by far our favorite town of the day. Lunch was at Restorante Il Liberty.

Below is a sample of what we ate.





After our 2 hour lunch we walked about 1 block to the church. Noto was decimated in the earthquake of 1693 and rebuilt. From the outside the church was very pretty (see picture), but inside it was very dull. We later found out that it needed to be redone because of some tremors in 1996.

We then headed over to Siracusa to see the Teatro Greco, however, it closed 2 hours before dusk and we arrived after then so we could only look in through the fencing. Since we had a pretty full day we decided to go home vs finding other things to do in Siracusa.

Tomorrow is our Sicilian cooking class.

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